The free, online specification writing
tool for tiling projects.

for architects specifiers & tiling professionals


Create your spec

Develop your project specifications, room by room.


Find the correct solutions

Choose from the list of recommended products for your specific project, to ensure you get the correct solution.


Review and issue your project documents

Separate Architect and Contractor M40 Specification Documents and Method Statements for each project. Saved securely online in your personal folder as editable pdfs


BAL’s free specification tool ‘Powerspec’ allows you to quickly and easily create concise, technically accurate and up-to-date specifications for tiling.

Completely free-of-charge and with secure access to your tiling specifications, it is a key resource to tiling specifiers and contractors.


Backed by BAL

Bal_50_years Market-leader BAL is relied upon by professionals for outstanding product quality and technical support. With our unrivalled national network of on-site product technicians, specialist specification team and technical advisory teams we can provide the required support at all stages of your project, as well as additional services such as RIBA Accredited CPD’s.

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